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Hi, I'm Cherith Roberson.

I'm a small business counselor and coach, writer of The Guided Small Business Planner™, mom of two, and small business owner.

When I worked one-on-one with small business owners, I often experienced the frustration of not having enough time to answer all of their questions or walk them through every obstacle that I knew they'd encounter.

I wanted to make sure they knew what to do next and what to avoid! When I looked for solutions to send to them, I found vague how-to articles and guides that didn't provide enough information to be helpful.

So I got to work, writing down each step of the process of creating a business. I applied real-life examples and a new way of building a business was born!

We help business owners navigate the ups and downs of building the business they want.

Our rules are: Clear, simple, no-fluff, and actionable! Stop doubting yourself. Meet your small business map — The Guided Small Business Planner™.

Our Vision

To help one million small business owners build businesses that sustain them, their community, and our planet.

Our Mission

Help create and build strong small businesses by providing simple and effective tools to small business owners.